Friday, November 7, 2008

*ICK* - its a WINNER!

Congrats to....

CASS - you were the winner of the random draw for our ICK category! *and congrats on the publish Cass - I just went to get your image and it is off for publishing - YAY YOU!*

Please email us (email info in the sidebar) and we can arrange your prize which is donated by our StoryTeller Lee this month - a $20 voucher to one of these stores - either KittyRobot Etsy; OR Elle's Studio Etsy; OR Every Jot & Tittle Etsy; OR SISTV -you choose!!

HOWZAT for a wicked prize!


OK, don't forget to play along with our awesome NOVEMBER category. See you just might NEED to make the page, if you wanna join our team...*hint hint*.....whoops, gah, I may have said too much already...........BUT stay tuned for a pretty fabulous announcement next week OK!

You'll all love it I am sure, speshly the hardcore Category Stories fans!


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