Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Simona, can you please email us again with your address - the new email address is in the sidebar. Sorry for the inconvenience. Lucy is waiting to send out your fantastic scrapdiary papers!

It appears our old email account has an appetite for emails and ate some of them! And if anyone else has contacted us in the last two months, can you please resend? I know it is a pain, but we want to make sure we get back to everyone who may have emailed.

Thank you!
WOW we have had some fantastic submissions for the SUNSHINE category.

There are a few more days to submit, so please keep linking them up. Also, we haven't been able to comment on some pages as some of us don't have an account with your particular gallery, but please know we do look at all entries, and comment where possible.

And finally in this little update, please note we have a new email address if you need to contact us - it is over in the sideabar!

Check back on September 1 for our big 1st anniversary Category!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


And how cool, our ever gorgeous StoryTeller LUCY, on behalf of the fantastic Brasilian online scrap store SCRAPDIARY, will be sending our lucky winner some of her gorgeous, rare and oh-so-HOT line of papers!

Now for the winner.... here it is, the gorgeous page from SIMONA of Italy - thanks so much for joining in Simona!

Please email us your details and postal address at with the words CATEGORY STORIES JULY WINNER in the subject line.

Thanks to everyone for playing along with us. Have you checked out our August Category of SUNSHINE yet - oh my goodness the pages that have been coming in are amazing!

And we have something ace in store for you next month - September is our blogs 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (w00t) so it shall be super fun! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sunshine Slide Show!!

if you don't see your lo in our slide show, that means i had problems copying your image (this usually occurs with flickr). i will post a link to your lo OR you could add your image to the slide show yourself. it's very easy.

Instructions on how to add your image to the slide show:
When the slide show has ended it stops and it says "enter your email and will...."
if you look just above that, there are a set of clickable tabs, you want to click on "Add Image!"
just fill out the required fields and send it in and it will add your image to the slide show (upon approval)

Thanks to everyone playing along! There are some fabulous entries so far!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sunshine, lollipops and Rainbows...da da, da da dum. Ok so I really can't sing.

But Category Stories for August shall be a month of happy happy joy joy and all things light and pretty.

SUNSHINE is the theme kids! I know it has been summer for you northern hemisphere dwellers, so doing a sunshiney page should be a breeze. And for us southernites, winter is upon us so dream up those pages about those lovely sunshine filled days ahead!

And, I did say this month's category. Due to team hyperbusyness (new word) we are just floating one category this month - and depending on how it goes we may just do a monthly challenge in the future - so drop us a comment in and let us know which you prefer once or twice monthly challenges!

OK on to the pages...and we have also thrown in a card and an ATC just to switch it up a bit, so please feel free to submit any of your new sunshine related projects!




Mandy (with a fabulous card!)


Lee (I am on an ATC roll at the moment!)

Due date for this challenge will be August 31, so please link your pages TO THIS POST by then.


your friendly Neighbourhood Category Stories Team