Monday, September 1, 2008

Hey! Hey! They say it’s your birthday….
That’s right! Can you believe we have been challenging you for a whole year??? A whole year!?!?

Well, to celebrate our birthday here at Category Stories, we are going to look back at all the challenges we’ve done so far. Each member of the team has chosen their favorite challenge from the past year. And, here they are….

Heather's Something Spooky:

Cammeron's Guilty Pleasure:
Deanna's Crush:

Jodi's Day in the life of...:

Lee's Favorite Body Part:

Lucy's Dream:

Martha's Sunshine:

Mandy's Best Day(s) Ever:

So, the challenge for you my friends is to pick a previous challenge and go to work! This is your opportunity to catch up on one or two you may have missed. We are excited to see all the different entries this month!!

Here is a list of the past categories:
Body Parts
Guilty pleasures
Bad Hair
Your play list
Best day ever
If I had a Million Dollars
Arm chair travels
Childhood Character
A day in the life....

That's a lot to choose from!

And to top it all off we have 4 special sponsors this month!!!!

Every Jot and Tittle

Elle’s Studio


Kitty Robot

Each one will be sending out a lil something! So, there will be 4 winners this month!!!

What are you waiting for?! Get scrappin’!!

Don’t forget to link us up to your creations (here in the comments section of this post) before midnight September 30th. OR once the slide show is posted, you can post your lo right to that!

Directions on how to post to the slide show:
When the slide show has ended, the screen changes and asks you if you want to subscribe. Just above that there is a tab that reads: Add your image. Click on that, and add your image. Don’t forget to add your name too! It’s super easy!!!


Chez said...

awesome!!!!! I'll get on it :)

Mexx said...

happy b-day to you,,, congrats girl with 1year full of fun and inspiration, i going to pick a word and work hard on it to make something beautiful colorfull for this special challenge ...Party time

Margaret said...

I just found this, so all of the topics are new to me. I am going to try to enter this month. Sounds like lots of fun.

Kimmy said...

WOOHOO! I can't wait to do some of those! :D Glad we get a chance to catch up! :D

Sassy Sasha said...

I am soo playing

THE BABEHS said...

hey there.....ive been following ur blog every now n then...but only i have the courage to take part in the challenge..... ive always wanted to do on Guilty Pleasure..but missed here is my very first take on CS' Challenge....

Mexx said...

hi there i finish mine , there was one my favorite because i am an hair artist i couldnt get the word bad hair resist so check it out ...i create something with pink wool...

Sandra said...

Hi there and congrats to your first anniversary!!! :)
I chose "crush" and scrapped two pics of my best friend's wedding which I took ( they wanted me as their official photographer *gg*). Not my usual style, but I really like it!

Dani said...

Congratulations for the first anniversary, the challenges are inspiring. It's my first time here! It's a simple page, but it is enough to share what my grandma represents to our family: she's our sunshine, she gives strenght to her garden every morning. She's so cute!

Charmane said...

I added mine to the slideshow - hope it worked! I did the Sunshine layout but forgot to put it up.... so I have the chance to now :)

LOVE your blog!

Love Charmane

Angie said...

omgoodness lovies!! it's been a year?!
happy birfday!! :D

i have a couple of lo's in mind for this one!


Beth Perry said...
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Anonymous said...

happy birthday! I think your challenge blog rocks :) I discovered you thru paperminx! I want to give it a shot so here goes my entry for SUNSHINE. please scroll down until you reach my aug 29th post under TGIF. the LO's title is pocketful of sunshine:


VanillaCarmel said...

Great anniversary challenge! i wanted to do this page way back when for 'somehting spooky' and now I get my chance...


Kelly said...

Yay I did Bad Hair...Thanks for the inspiration!

Kristi said...

Here's my entry! Thanks for the inspo!

Dani said...

Hi, I have another one.

Beth Perry said...

Here's mine...ooohhh...spooooky...


Simona said...

Hi girls! Here are my LOs for the categories DREAMS and FABULOUS:

TFL ^_^ !

Charmane said...

I've just put it up on my blog {with details}

I LOVE challenges and LOVE the concept.... will be checking it out and can't wait for your next challenge.... will try and get the oldies done too if i get a chance! :)

Love Charmane

Chez said...

here's mine :

Sar said...

Mine is done, thanks for an awesome challenge site! I picked the shoes category.


Anonymous said...

Here is my entry..."A Day in the Life"...

Felicity said...

Okay.. I am done... This was so hard... I didnt know what to choose...
Heres the link
Cant wait for the next challenge!
Felicity x

Lylú said...

I did Play list challenge, hope u like it, thanks!