Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sunshine Slide Show!!

if you don't see your lo in our slide show, that means i had problems copying your image (this usually occurs with flickr). i will post a link to your lo OR you could add your image to the slide show yourself. it's very easy.

Instructions on how to add your image to the slide show:
When the slide show has ended it stops and it says "enter your email and will...."
if you look just above that, there are a set of clickable tabs, you want to click on "Add Image!"
just fill out the required fields and send it in and it will add your image to the slide show (upon approval)

Thanks to everyone playing along! There are some fabulous entries so far!!


Beth Perry said...

There ARE alot of fabulous los!! I think everyone is in a summer mood!!

:D Fun, fun challenge!

Have a good week everybody!

Nevis said...

WOW! Such wonderful inspiration!

Anonymous said...

All the layouts are very nice! My favorite is Martha's layout! The sun looks so cute.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful LOS! I agree with berenice_a's comment for me the best layout is Martha's! Nice summery page!

Beth Perry said...

OH and I def think you should do two challenges a month! :D

Binxcat1 said...

My LO disappeared from the slide show :( I have tried to add it again... hope that is ok... I originally added it on the 24th August and linked it to the post containing the challenge.

It is here