Thursday, May 1, 2008

is that freedom rock?
well, turn it up!

okay, that was cheesey, and some of you may not even recognize that old commercial. but, i couldn't resist.

the category for this round is PLAYLIST. let's see what you are listening to, or don't like to listen to, or what your kids are listening to, or... you get the picture.

here's what the storytellers came up with:






Lucy says: Here is Ivete. Ivete Sangalo she is the most important singer in my life.Yeah she's brazilian and all her songs are on my Ipod.Her music brings me back in the good times.She brings the memories from the summer,parties,BBQ with friends and family at the beach and of course the Carnival! She rocks my world!


Don't forget to link your los here for a chance to win a gift certificate from ScrapInStyleTV(provided by one of our storytellers)!!!

And stay tuned for the April winner announcement!


KhrisW said...

Now I'm going to have to check out Ivette and Dr. Who. I feel so out of touch! Okay, for Martha's, I definitely made out the Adam Ant photo and The Clash but who were the other groups? Inquiring minds want to know! Great challenge, it'll be fun. I love music so much.....

KhrisW said...

Ugh, that's Ivete with one t. I'll go look now over at iTunes.

Starlight said...

Khris she rocks:)
You'll love her happy music!

elly rainbow said...

a;lsdkjf;laksjdf hahahaha. mandy, the opening to this post ROCKS.

ToneF said...

What a great challenge!!!

Christina said...

Here's mine. It was a lot of fun. Forcing me to scrap about me - which is great!

Moose Ridge said...

heard of it, dude? I own it -- a two volume set, LOL!

Dunlap TN

Kristina said...

Super challenge!! :D
Here is my take on it:


Stephanie Joanna said...

it's my first time playing along! :o]

here's my take on the challenge:

Mexx said...

hi girls this is my take on that awesome challenge of makes me laugh check out why?

Adliz Jamile said...

Hello! This is my first participation in the challenges of the blog ... I always wanted to participate and today I had courage, rs!
So here it is:
XOXO, Adliz Jamile

PS: I do not write in English, so this text was translated by google, if any errors, excuse me ...
Olá! Esta é minha primeira participação nos desafios do blog... Sempre quis participar e hoje tomei coragem, rs!!!
Então aqui está:
XOXO, Adliz Jamile

PS: eu não escrevo em inglês, por isso este texto foi traduzido pelo google, se houver erros, me desculpem...

Mexx said...

sorry forget my link on it here it is