Tuesday, January 1, 2008


they are tons of fun, whether you remember them from back in the day (Lite Brite ftw!) or from your current stash... Grungeboard anyone? these are the things that make us giggle like wee kidlets, our toys! tell us about them! are they yours? are they your kids'? are they your significant other's? are they big? small? round? square? colorful? :D show us what your fav toys are!

and you would NOT believe how lucky we are! we have with us as a guest designer the fabulous and amazing Larissa!! she is stirring up the fire like mad with her amazing skillz! not only is she lending us her talent, but is also sending a prize out! special hotness from Brazil! i hear rumours that there may be some papers by Lucy in the package... :D she tells us that she is very happy to assist us in making our challenge blog crazy awesome. :D


elly, who thinks that lincoln logs are still cool:heather:
lee, whose journaling reads, "Mum & Dad got Cara the Cabbage Patch Doll for me when I was 12 and we were in Cairns during our 6 week Cape York trip. I love her to bits, and now Ivy has fun playing with my fave doll.":
lucy, whose journaling is translated to "I had two years old when I got this lil goose from my granny.
I simply loved her and if I close my eyes I can feel her smell and remember how heavy she was cos she was stuffed with wooden grain.
She had such cute felt flowers in her head...
Her name was Luligu,and wherever I was she followed me,but one day she got old and it tore into pieces.
But no tears come in my eyes because my mom had the awesome surprise,she gave me a real little duck,she grew up with me for many years.
And I'll always remember the swwet moments of my childhood."



scrapwitch said...

im up for this challenge

agusia8486 said...

Świetne i cudonie dobrane kolorystycznie scrapy! Piękne

Heids xx said...

I would love to have a go at this. The gorgeous scrapwitch led me to your great blog!! I guess her inspiration for doing so is that I have just taken a pic of me with my 'toy' LOL. excellent challenges ladies! :D thanks so much!

Nikki_Wartho said...

Hey great challenge, here is my entry.

KhrisW said...

Here's my layout for 'toys'.


I'm "KhrisW" over at Scrap In Style TV.

Thanks, it was fun! I try to do all of the challenges.

Momma Twitch said...

Here's my TOY lo....:) http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o205/twitchside1/Project1.png

metrochic said...


this is for peggy. :)

Sharmaine said...

Glad I got to play agaiN!!
Here is mine :)


M@rtine said...

Here is my go on toy's
Dont you just LOVE MLP!
hugs Martine

Tanya said...
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Tanya said...

Here's my layout for "toys"


***TATTY* said...


Tatty Soares

Heather said...

here's a late one for ya!